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Students of the Doping Control Personnel Training Program join the fight against doping

"I felt my spine tingle; it was as if it was a chill, in that first session. Dr. Klein is very sophisticated and I was taken with his phrase: `Integrity is everything you do, even when you´re alone. Sensational!"

This comment is from Flávia Magalhães, a participant in ABCD`s 1st Doping Control Personnel Training Program.  The presentation that enthralled Flávia was the opening lecture by Marco Aurelio Klein, CEO of ABCD – Autoridade Brasileira de Controle de Dopagem.

With the theme “The worldwide fight against doping in sport and Brazil´s fight in particular”, Klein took the audience deep into the anti-doping universe, and opened their minds to a theme that is still not well known, when it not completely ignored.

Many people think that when the conversation is regarding doping it refers the use of drugs in sport. On this day however, the students learned that the discussion goes far beyond this, encompassing ethics and values. The tingle, the chill that Flavia felt is when someone realizes the fight against doping in sport is also a fight to defend the dreams of each athlete who says no to doping and works incredibly hard to reach the podium on their own. What Flavia felt was what someone who has finally grasped the taste, even the love of someone who has dedicated their life to the birth of a more just sport feels. Just as Flavia did, various other participants left their first class in the Doping Control Personnel Training Program, certain that they are now ready to walk the walk and join the fight against doping in sport. It was truly emotional!

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