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Students were taught by one of the founders of WADA

The last segment of the 2nd Doping Control Personnel Training Program consisted of in-competition simulations at Maracanã. The students debated a series of scenarios dealing with the process of notifications and the accompanying of athletes to the Doping Control Station for sample collection. This is the role of a Chaperone at a sporting event.

Actual cases were selected for debate among the futures Chaperone Leaders.  For these cases we have Dr. Luis Horta to thank.  He brings more than 20 years of experience as the former president of ADoP – Autoridade Antidopagem de Portugal e,  one of the founders of WADA – World Anti-Doping Agency.  He is considered an international reference when the subject is the Fight against Doping in Sport. Invited by the CEO of ABCD – Autoridade Brasileira de Controle de Dopagem, Marco Aurelio Klein,   Dr. Luis Horta had a key role in this first stage of the training program for Chaperone’s Leaders. Those who had the pleasure of listening to him, will certainly have gained much in the way of knowledge that they will take with them  on their future  missions.

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