The First ABCD Anti-Doping Intelligence Forum has Started

The First ABCD Anti-Doping Intelligence Forum kicked off on Sunday, April 4th in Brasilia, with a keynote speech covering International Anti-Doping System and the Role of ABCD delivered by National Secretary for ABCD, Marco Aurelio Klein at a welcoming dinner. International Olympic Committee - IOC representative, Christian Thill, as well as representatives from five other countries were presente; Enrique Gomez and Santiago Jofre from Spain, Jeremy Luke of Canada, José Ribeiro of Portugal, Patrick Myhill of The United Kingdom and Steven Schrank and William Bock from the United States.

The objective of the ABCD Forum is to exchange information for creation of protocols, procedures andmonitoring strategies to be deployed in Brazil in the Fight Against Doping in Sport. 

Check out the first day of the event.



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